Analysis: The NSA wiretapping decision

You want the knee-jerk version or the non-knee-jerk version?

Non-knee-jerk. I never thought I’d utter these words, but here they are: make sure you read the section on “standing.”

I’m not necessarily endorsing it, mind you. Just “airing” it.

(Slightly) knee-jerk. It’s Mary K, so I’m tempted to add, a la Ron Burgundy, “And what a lovely knee it is.” Would Papa Burgundy stoop to something that cheesy, though? He might give her two tickets to the gun show, but the knee comment is, I suspect, beneath even him.

The kids all ask me, “Why do you blog, AP? Is it the money — or the love?

It’s the ladies, news team. I do it for the ladies.

Speaking of which, my new favorite female blogger (the boss excepted, of course) is in fine form here.

Now, let’s see if we can manage even one comment below that isn’t hopelessly reactionary. On either side.

P.S. Don’t celebrate just yet, Jaquith. The injunction’s been suspended while the case is being appealed.

Update: Patterico’s knee jerks, but just a little. And with good reason.