Steve Centanni update: No claims of responsibility, no demands

For all their many, many, many, many faults, Palestinian terror organizations aren’t in the habit of killing journalists for no apparent reason. Problem is, if you believe Abbas and Haniyeh, it wasn’t a terror org that pulled this off. It was freelancers — presumably, because no one’s claimed responsibility.

They might very well be lying about what they know, but if it’s true that the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades were involved, you’d expect Haniyeh to point it out. AAMB is the “military wing” of Hamas’s rival, Abbas’s Fatah party; pinning this on them would undermine his authority at a time when the international community is trying to prop him up while isolating the Hamas government.

No demands
have been made yet, either. I don’t want to panic but my mind is starting to wander to that video of Tucker and Menchaca.