JonBenet Ramsey's killer caught? (Update: Second-grade teacher?) (Update: DU questions the timing)

Before he got a crack at Goldstein’s kid. Dr. Deb must be heartbroken.

Looks like it’s for real, though:

The suspect was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand Wednesday morning.

The suspect has confessed to certain elements of the crime that are unknown to the general public.

My ingenious theory at the time was that it was her older brother whodunnit. They were playing, he got a little rough, and before you know it — a situation. Everyone was pointing fingers at her father, but I figure her mother would have cracked and ratted him out if that were true. But her own son? No way.

Turns out it was some run-of-the-mill POS child-killer, though. Go figure.

9News will be livestreaming the DA’s press conference, but I’m not sure what time it’s scheduled for.

Update: He’s being held in Thailand on “unrelated sex charges.”

Thailand. Sex charges. Gobsmackingly vile.

Update: Good lord:

CBS reported that the suspect, a 41-year-old second-grade teacher, will be brought back to the United States this weekend.

How many other victims are there?

Update: KUSA-TV caught up to John Ramsey: “When asked if he knew the suspect Ramsey told 9NEWS, ‘I can’t comment on that now. to the best of my knowledge no.'”

Update: The presser is off until tomorrow. Sounds like they’ve been working on this for awhile, though: “Both John and Patsy Ramsey, before she passed away in June, were consulted during the investigation.”

Update: Gregor asks a good question in the comments. Which lefty blogger will be the first to accuse Bush of having orchestrated the arrest to distract from whatever it is we’re supposed to be distracted from?

Update: The Calcutta News(?) says the suspect’s name is John Karr.

Update: It didn’t take long. Jason of Shock and Blog says check out DU.

Update: All kinds of new details from the AP. There are hints that Karr knew what the murder weapon was and what happened to it, and there’s a coy mention about how the cops tracked him down “online” — which, given all the circumstances here, makes me think it was a child-porn sting. Here’s where it gets really weird:

Karr was a teacher who once lived in Conyers, Ga., according to Wood. The attorney said the Ramseys gave police information about Karr before he was identified as a suspect.

Wood would not say how the Ramseys knew Karr. But JonBenet was born in Atlanta in 1990, and the Ramseys lived in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody for several years before moving to Colorado in 1991.

What was he doing following them around in Colorado five years later? And what happened to John Ramsey saying he didn’t know the guy?