Video: Wallace and Ahmadinejad laugh, bicker, flirt

C-SPAN aired the unedited, hour-long interview tonight. I’d planned to clip the choicer quotes, but who wants to sit through five minutes of this Nazi slackjaw pandering to American liberals with platitudes about social justice? The time would be better spent watching outtakes of he and Wallace acting like an old married couple. Which is exactly what I gave you — plus twenty seconds or so of “Mahdi” wondering why Wallace isn’t in the tank for Hezbollah the way nearly every journalist in the Arab world is.

The Kossacks sure do like him, though.

It’s five minutes long. By 4:45 the two of them look like they’re ready to borrow that “dagger” from Chavez and Castro.

The full video hasn’t been posted yet at C-SPAN; I’ll add a link here once it is. Also, please note that I’ve shuffled some parts around for a little extra rhythm.