Green Helmet admits to pimping death

Not to staging scenes. Just to making it easier for people like Adnan Hajj to get spank material for Al Jazeera.

The 20-year veteran civil defense worker said he shows dead children to photographers to make clear that Israeli airstrikes killed young Lebanese during the monthlong conflict. Some Internet bloggers have accused him of setting up photos and of treating the dead insensitively.

In one photograph, taken after an Israeli airstrike hit a building in the village of Qana, Daher held a dead infant over his head. The boy’s blue pacifier was pinned to his nightshirt.

“I did hold the baby up, but I was saying ‘look at who the Israelis are killing. They are children,'” Daher said. “These are not fighters. They have no guns. They are children, civilians they are killing.’ ”

He said he had no regrets and he made no apologies. “I wanted people to see who was dying. They said they were killing fighters. They killed children.”

Does Kathy Gannon, who wrote the article (and who also happens to be the AP’s bureau chief in Iran), know about the video of him directing cameramen at Qana? Yes, she does:

One Web site posted video purporting to show Daher arranging to have the body of a child taken off an ambulance and displayed for photographers.

Did she get him to comment on it?

No, she did not.