Audio: Glenn Reynolds, 9/11 co-conspirator?

The more you deny “the truth,” the more it proves you were in on it.

I don’t know if Glenn’s still a member of the bar or not, but he should get pro bono credit for this one. Highlights: the authors describing how Truthers have dowdified quotes from two eyewitnesses about 40% of the way in, and later, at around the 60% mark, explaining how the Internet has enabled the conspiracists by preserving news accounts from that day as they were written — before the bad facts contained in some of them had been corrected.

There’s a short review of the book at Screw Loose Change; the biggest criticism is that it should have been longer. Apropos of my recent posts about British Muslims, SLC also notes that 9/11 denial ain’t just for Truthers anymore (if ever it was).

But here’s the real nail in the coffin. How nuts do you have to be to be too nuts for Chomsky?

Dylan’s black little heart must be breaking.