AP's Islamic expert on the terror plot: "I bet you it will turn out to be a hoax" (Update: Video added)

Charles busted them yesterday for using a Palestinian terrorist apologist named Azzam Tamimi, whom Martin Kramer once called a “walking time bomb,” as an “expert” on Islam in an article about European Muslims. What he neglected to mention is that Tamimi is a contributor to al-Guardian — and has a piece posted on their blog, Comment Is Free, right now dismissing the UK terror plot as a hoax concocted to distract from Israel’s war with Hezbollah. The Islamist answer to John Aravosis?

[T]he crisis unfolded as Israel was being dealt the most humiliating defeat since it was created less than 60 years ago. I wonder too whether it is a mere coincidence that only days earlier Tony Blair was criticised widely for once again blaming Islam and the Muslims for the rise in “international terrorism”…

I have a feeling that all the Muslims detained in connection with the recent police operation to foil and alleged plot are innocent and will soon be proven so. I also suspect that the entire episode has been deemed, despite its enormous cost, to be of utility to a government that is increasingly out of touch with reality and seriously short of public support and sympathy. I wonder whether this was also intended to smear the image of Islam and the Muslims at the time when the entire world can see that they are the victims of a most unjust world order dominated by the USA and the UK who both support and sponsor Israeli terrorism against Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon and who both oppress the Muslim peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq through direct occupation.

None of which is particularly surprising coming from a guy who serves as director of an organization on whose board sits Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

What is surprising is that the majority of the Guardian’s commenters are hammering him for it. Hard. Which, I’d say, makes it officially a backlash. Writes Janet Daley in the Telegraph:

This enemy does not even bother to offer explanations for its actions that fall within the acceptable bounds of Western debate: it is overtly racist, explicitly imperialistic and unapologetically inhumane.

So it is left to the media to make the apologias. First, the home-grown terrorist threat was the fault of racist Britain for denying opportunity and educational advancement to Muslim youth.

Then it turned out that most of those involved in the propagation of terrorism were middle-class and university-educated.

At least two of the suspects arrested in the latest alleged plot are converts to Islam: they cannot be said to have suffered a lifetime of embittering discrimination for their newly embraced faith.

This phenomenon is more reminiscent of Baader-Meinhoff than of the intifada – a fanatical cult of rebellious malcontents who are “alienated” (the word of the moment) by the actions of their government and the mores of their country.

This pernicious nonsense is treated by the BBC as if it were the height of reasonableness.

Here’s the video, cribbed from LGF, of Tamimi screaming like a lunatic about the Israeli “cancer.” But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also point out that Britain’s Muslim MPs are not on board with the demands for Islamic holidays and shari’a family law being made by Muslim community leaders. They’re not on board with Blair’s foreign policy either, but then neither is most anyone else in the UK at this point.

Update: Believe it or not, Tamimi was on Tucker Carlson’s show pitching his hoax theory to an American audience. Media Blog has the video.