Photos: Palestinian savages shoot, beat, stomp alleged collaborator

Nothing fake about these. I’m surprised; normally they don’t let the media record this sort of thing. They’re getting bolder. Or dumber.

As for the collaborator, he confessed to the whole thing — during a filmed interrogation with the “fact-finding unit” of Islamic Jihad. According to the JPost, he was supposed to get married next week.

Dan’s links to the photos are buggered so try these instead. Meanwhile, the JPost reports that a debate broke out at a Palestinian wedding yesterday when someone referred to Sheikh Nasrallah as “a dog.” And by “debate” I of course mean “free-for-all involving clubs and knives.”

Two states, side by side, living in peace. Can’t. Wait.

Update: Forgot to mention. They tried to lynch him too, but an unspecified “group of armed men” stopped them.