Video: Charles Johnson vs. Arianna Huffington

This morning, on Reliable Sources. I made a point of taping it because I figured it might be the last major media appearance for a blogger related to Hezbollywood.

Then this broke. And now I’m not so sure.

In any case, here’s a battle of wits between two bloggers reviled by their political opponents because of the eccentricities of some of their commenters. The difference is, with LGF, the eccentricities don’t make it onto the front page. A point Charles himself noted, as you’ll see, and which Arianna pathetically dodged.

I wish I could show you the part where Kurtz calls her droning about Lamont a “campaign commercial,” but fair use has its limits. Give her credit, though, for admitting at the end that Reutersgate is a lot bigger than Adnan Hajj. The reality-based community won’t like that dose of reality one bit.