Video: Ahmadinejad on 60 Minutes

It killed me to cut the part where Mike Wallace told him how good he looked. Fair use, as I’ve often said, is a stern mistress.

I also deliberately cut the part that’s available in the sidebar at CBS (see update below). Watch that first — the stuff about “cultural exchage” and living side by side in peace with other nations is precious — then come back, open a beer and take a drink whenever he repeats a left-wing talking point. When he mentions the 45 million Americans without health care, read this and finish the bottle.

My favorite moment comes when he accuses Bush of exploiting a monopoly on energy resources to threaten other nations.

The clip is heavily edited, so please don’t assume that Mike Wallace didn’t ask a sufficiently hard-hitting follow-up question just because you don’t see it here. It may be that I had to cut it.

Previous posts for the benefit of new visitors: “Mahdi” takes the stage at a Nuremberg rally, wonders if Jews really are homo sapiens, and holds hands with his girlfriend in Tehran. Oh, and John Kerry expresses a desire to kill him here.

If that’s not pathetic enough, Zoli Erdos caught Ahmadinejad’s tech people trying to rig the poll results on his new blog. Old habits die hard, it seems.

Footnote: there were only two segments on 60 Minutes tonight. They opened with this nut, then came a rerun of Morley Safer’s piece … on Stephen Colbert. I guess if you’re expecting a big anti-Bush crowd for the first half of the show, you might as well give them a reason to stick around.

Update: Whoops. Looks like CBS has added lots more video since I went there earlier. The only segment that was posted before was “Iran’s Pres. on Bush, Nukes.” The entire interview is available there now.

If you want to watch it as it aired, watch the segments in the following order:

Iran’s Leader Backs Hezbollah
Iran’s Pres. on Nukes, Israel
Iran’s Pres. on Bush, Nukes
Ahmadinejad’s Message for Bush
Can Iran & U.S. Renew Ties?

The last clip is the one where Wallace tells him how fine he’s lookin’.

Update: On second thought, after watching the last two clips on their website, I can’t find that bit anywhere. I think they took it out. Embarrassment?

Update: One thing Wallace didn’t ask him: whether he considers himself democratically elected given Iran’s sham election system.

Update: The full, unedited interview will air on C-SPAN tomorrow night at 8. I’ll be taping that too. Can’t wait to see what didn’t make the final cut.