Toronto pro-Hezbollah protesters cheer deaths of Israeli soldiers

We got a slew of e-mails this morning attesting to the sheer filthiness of yesterday’s socialist/Islamist mixer up north. Here’s the lowlight via Translucent Beauty, who has plenty of photos:

[A]bout half way through the rally, the guy who seemed like the rally leader got up as said, and I quote from the best of my memory:

“I have good news for all of you. Today, Hezbollah has killed 21 Israeli troops!”

Cheers and applause go up from the crowd.

He continues:

“And yesterday, Hezbollah killed 25 Israeli soldiers!”

Even more cheers and applause.

Excellent photos, too, at Girl on the Right and video at Relapsed Catholic, both of which put the lie to press claims that there were no Hezbollah supporters in attendance.

I hope GotR won’t mind if I pinch this one:


Our affiliate, Age of Hooper, has photos and video from the DC rally outside the White House. Who speaks for Hezbollah? You know who:


Update: Minor bright spot: No references to “kikes” reported at either rally.

Check out some of the mail Mark Steyn’s getting, too. It’s really coming out into the open now.