Video: Galloway incites jihad, begs for money on Al Jazeera

Note the analogy between occupation and rape. The perfect button-pusher for an audience weaned on honor/shame.

Click the image to watch. Or you could just read the transcript. But then you won’t get to see him speak nice and slow, making sure the translator picks up every last word.


Meanwhile, here’s how the latest bombshell from the Independent begins:

Suspected terrorists were planning to unleash a wave of “apocalyptic” attacks on land and air, using an arsenal of bombs and weaponry, including firearms, investigators have discovered.

It’s filed under “Crime.”

More scoopage at the Telegraph, which nails down that close, close link between jihad and lack of education. Nota bene:

Cassette tapes produced by al-Muhajiroun, the disbanded militant organisation that praised the “Magnificent 19” who carried out the September 11 2001 attacks, were also discovered at the university’s portable buildings used as a prayer room and library.

Al-Muhajiroun was headed by Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical London cleric forced into exile in Lebanon last year.

Hey, I know someone who predicted a link between the plotters and Omar Bakri Mohammed!

Although this might not be what he mind.

Finally, the nutroots will be all over this tomorrow so you might as well hear it from me first. Never mind what it says about U.S. officials fearing another 9/11 if they waited. And never mind the fact that a British official told the Guardian days ago that an intercepted communique telling the plotters to “go now” is what triggered the arrests. The only plausible explanation here is that they pushed up the raids to distract from … Nedrenaline.

You’ll have to read to the end of the article for the real nugget:

The official shed light on other aspects of the case, saying that while the investigation into the bombing plot began “months ago,” some suspects were known to the security services even before the London subway bombings last year.

I can’t wait to see the martyrdom videos they found. I’m counting on you, Russ. Don’t let me down.