Audio: Bay and Dunnigan compare Lebanon to Okinawa

Plenty of nuggets in the latest Insta-cast, beginning with an explanation of how junk-mail marketing helped foil the UK terror plot and ending with a risk assessment of the Islamist takeover of Somalia. But the news of the day being what it is, the highlight is surely the section on Israel and Hezbollah. Note in particular the analogy to Okinawa. Not Okinawa circa 2006, the way station in Jack Murtha’s crazy-smart Iraq withdrawal plan. They’re talking June 1945.

We’re all a bit discouraged tonight so here’s Jim Dunnigan finding a very bright silver lining in Israel’s offensive:

They have done a lot of damage. Obviously, for security reasons I can’t announce what they know they have destroyed. But from the information I’m getting from Beirut, you know, from inside Lebanon, they have done great damage. A lot of Hezbollah people are not happy at the moment…

They’re not going after territory, they’re going after assets. Some of them are up walking on two feet, some of them are buried in bunkers, a lot of them are buildings which are no longer there. Hezbollah has lost a lot. Remember, one thing that kept them going was the money: they were basically over a half a billion dollar a year operation, which basically bought a lot of loyalty. Well, they’ve lost a lot of their walking-around money.

Don’t miss Dunnigan’s take on the left’s ostentatiously principled Greenwaldian privacy advocates, either. It comes about a quarter of the way in.