Now at Google Video: 23 episodes of that Penn & Teller show

I planned to write a post about how 51% of Democrats admit they want Bush to fail, how the New York Times somehow managed to lament the politicization of the war by “our leaders” without mentioning any of the Democratic leaders who are guilty of it too, and how Ned “Why Do I Have to Say Anything?” Lamont’s support is already dropping among Connecticut party members.

But Friday night’s no time for partisanship. Let’s join hands instead and marvel at a miracle of the Internet age: 23 episodes of Penn & Teller’s show, in their entirety, available for your viewing pleasure at Google Video. I haven’t seen them all but I did see the one on PETA. Highly recommended.

I wish I could tell you the name of the show, but … you know how it is. Damned social cons.

I mean, darned social cons.