Naveed Haq attempts to plead guilty, thwarted by Zionist competency-inquiry conspiracy

They think he might be crazy. Not the kind of crazy that renders you incapable of infiltrating a heavily secured community center by waylaying a 14-year-old girl. The other kind of crazy.

This crazy:

The gunman waited in the vestibule of the downtown Seattle building until 14-year-old Kelsie Burkum arrived to visit her aunt, Cheryl Stumbo. He put a gun into the girl’s back and told her, “Open the door.”

“Careful,” he said when she reached for the intercom.

As they were buzzed in, Haq told her, “I’m only doing this for a statement.”

He followed her up the stairs to the second floor, keeping the gun in her back. As he asked receptionist Layla Bush to speak with a manager, the teenager kept walking, locking herself in a restroom stall.

The shooting began when Stumbo, the federation’s marketing director, told Carol Goldman, who was sitting in a nearby cubicle, to call 911. Before Goldman could make the call, Haq shot her in the knee.

He then continued shooting: Bush, Stumbo, and Christina Rexroad, all in the abdomen, and Waechter, near the heart. As Waechter, clutching a hand to her chest, ran down the stairs, Haq reached his gun over the railing and fired down, killing her with a shot to the head.

You’ll have to read to the end of the article before any specifics as to motive are introduced. But do so. I promise, the omission in the last paragraph makes it all worth it.