Breaking: Plot ringleaders identified? (Update: Link to 7/7 bombers, martyrdom video found)

Rashid Rauf, Mohammed al-Ghandra, and Ahmed al Khan, all in custody. Or so says the Blotter.

Which, of course, is run by Brian Ross.

Maybe they weren’t the ringleaders. Maybe, like Denny Hastert, they were just … “in the mix.”

They also claim to have learned from U.S. sources that five suspects are still at large:

Officials tell ABC News 24 people now have been taken into custody. Twenty-two are believed to be of Pakistani descent. One is Bangladeshi, and another is of Iranian descent, according to the officials.

How were they going to smuggle the explosives onto the plane? Why, inside the Gatorade, naturally.

Lot of scoops, here. Too many really.

Update: The Blotter might have lowballed it. Fox has an alert up right now saying as many as 10 more suspects are being “urgently” sought in the UK.

Update: Could just be Pakistani puffery, but for what it’s worth:

The intelligence official said an Islamic militant arrested near the Afghan-Pakistan border several weeks ago provided a lead that played a role in “unearthing the plot,” that helped authorities arrest suspects in Britain.

Update: Surprise: U.S. News & World Report says some of the suspects had “ties” to the 7/7 bombers. Which would seem to make this very likely indeed an Al Qaeda operation.

This little tidbit is much more interesting, and suggests that Chertoff wasn’t kidding when he said the plot was in its final stages: “At least one martyrdom video was discovered related to the plot, sources say.”