The g-ddamned French surrender again

Kid from Brooklyn sent me this last night but I didn’t blog it because, I confess, it was a Fox scoop and I thought their anti-French sentiments might perhaps have colored their report.

It now appears my doubts were unfounded.

Three days ago: France agrees with the U.S. on a resolution that would call for a “full cessation of hostilities” to be followed by the deployment in southern Lebanon of an international peacekeeping force. To be followed in turn by an Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon.

72 hours of Arab seething and whining later: France demands an immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon to be followed by the deployment in the south of 15,000 troops of the Lebanese army. A force which Time described three days ago as “weak not just by neglect, but also by design.”

It’s almost as though they’re doing Hezbollah’s bidding. Which, by doing Lebanon’s bidding, they are. And if you don’t believe Walid Phares, read the Lebanese prime minister’s op-ed today in WaPo and see if you can distinguish it from Hezbollah propaganda. If you can, then you’re one up on Captain Ed.

Steyn likes to refer to the UN as a vehicle for third-world nations to punch above their weight class internationally by voting in blocs. The sidecar on that vehicle, though, is the use of proxies, and whether out of fear of their own Arab underclass or their ambition to be a power broker in the Middle East (which would be an example of a minor power punching above its weight class), France is acting as a Security Council proxy of a proxy right now. And since Hezbollah is itself a proxy of Iran, well, I’m not anxious to see how the French use their undeserved influence when the Iranian nuclear matter finally comes to a head.

Bryan complained in this space last week about the United Nations placing subnational entities like Hezbollah on an equal footing with nation-states like Israel. A good point, but maybe not that important when you’ve got nations fronting for subnations anyway.

Now that France has caved, Israel’s widening the offensive to do as much damage to Hezbollah as they can before the UN restores things to the status quo ante. They appeased, and now they’ve ended up with a bigger war. As usual.

Update: Nasrallah gave a speech a few hours ago. Guess what it was about.

Update: And in a shocking twist, he thinks the French-backed Lebanese proposal to deploy native troops instead of international peacekeepers is just dandy.