New LGF photo controversy: Debunked? (Update: Bloggers insist it's a p-shop) (Update: Video evidence?)

One of my very best tipsters, RLW, sent me a link to a photo page he found at the Daily Mail. Check this out:


Note the kid in the red hat and the kid in the orange shirt with blue writing on it.

Now compare to the suspected doctored photo (I’ve added a red circle around the guy who was supposedly ‘shopped in):


There’s the kid in the red hat next to the kid in the orange shirt with blue writing. It’s the same room, albeit at what looks like a different time of day.

Now back to the first one. Is the guy in the red circle here the same guy, thus proving that it’s not a photoshop? You make the call!


God, this is fun. Someone really needs to put the Zapruder film on YouTube. We’ll have it figured out in 20 minutes.

Update: The guy in the Daily Mail photo is either standing on something or is quite a bit taller than most of the other people in the room. I can’t tell from the scale how tall the guy in the Times photo is. Taller than the people next to him, for sure, but maybe not that much taller.

Update: Rusty reports that Adnan Hajj and Issam Kobeisi are, in fact, two different guys.

Who doubted it from the get-go? The same guy who would never ever steer you wrong, come hell or high water.

Me, that’s who.

I really hope I’m wrong with this latest debunking, though. Because now that it’s been on Drudge, if it turns out it’s not a photoshop, we’re going to look like the biggest bunch of cranks this side of a Loose Change convention.

Update: I raised the brightness of the photo by 50% and got this, which I think is inconclusive:


Reader G. Granny says she played with the contrast somehow and got this, which definitely points away from my theory:


Update: By the way, the Times’s photo was taken at Tibnin hospital, in case anyone wants to do a little recreational googling. Tibnin is occasionally spelled Tibnine, so look out for that.

Update: Wise words from a few days ago:

Let’s not ruin LGF’s scoop by tossing out wild allegations about every single picture Adnan Hajj and Reuters have snapped in Lebanon. Where there is good reason to suspect further forgery, of course, say so.

But bloggers should be a little circumspect about just offering new claims of fraudulency based on little else but speculation and wishful thinking and just wanting to contribute…

LFG scored big on Reuters. Really big.

Let’s protect that score and not piss it away by taking wild, wing-and-a-prayer shots on goal that ultimately give the upper hand back to Reuters.

Update: Codemite ups the ante with an image analysis that claims to prove the Times image is a photoshop.

I was with you on Hajj, boys, but I’m afraid nothing short of a confession’s going to convince me on this one. I called Hajj’s work the worst photoshop ever; if this one’s doctored, it’s the dumbest photoshop ever. And until someone explains to me why the Times would be this dumb, I’m not sold.

We’ve already had one e-mailer write in to say the black guy was ‘shopped in to obscure the face of a woman who obviously wasn’t wearing her headdress, the photographic evidence of which could have gotten her killed by Hezbollah. A fine theory, but one which doesn’t explain why the woman’s face wasn’t simply pixellated or cropped out instead. Pasting people into images is a firing offense for the culprit and hugely damaging to the credibility of the organization he works for. Do you really think Tyler Hicks cares that much? Or that the Times would be willing to risk that damage by doing this on the sly when they could have just pixellated her and copped to it?

The Daily Mail must have different standards when it comes to that sort of thing, too, because there’s a woman with no head covering right there in the middle of their photo.

I encourage everyone to re-read Ace’s words and think carefully about this stuff. Charles was entirely in the right to toss it out there for public scrutiny, but we really are heading into boy-who-cried-wolf territory here. If we aren’t there already.

Update: Google Jedi Dan Riehl sniffed around and found NBC video from Tibnin hospital. The resolution’s not high enough to tell if it’s the same guy, but it’s worth noting that this is the first image of a black man (or woman) that I’ve seen on the Lebanon newswire since the conflict began. Except, of course, for Tyler Hicks’s photo, which happened to be taken in the very same building at around the same time. Quite a coincidence.


You’ll also note he’s wearing a light-blue pullover, similar to the color of the garment draped over photoshop guy’s left shoulder.

Rusty e-mails with a new screencap at :46 of the video:


Same guy? Different? Two different guys?

Update: Rusty and I both think the Times is going to settle this matter one way or another within the next few hours. But it should be noted for the record, in case it is debunked (or in case it isn’t, I guess), that Charles himself was skeptical of this one.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023