Zero hour: Lieberman vs. Lamont (Update: Liebs contacts U.S. Attorney about site hack)

Six years ago today he was announced as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee. Six years later, he’s down six points on the day of the primary to a guy Goldstein aptly describes thusly:

Ironic, isn’t it, that after years of talking about Bush as a puppet to oil interests, neocon strategists, and Cheneyesque evil machinations, the netroots are hoping to install an empty suite [sic]—a “symbol,” really, of the base’s power to direct the Democratic party platform for 2008—into the Senate, in the hope that they can bring to power, finally, a “progressive” Executive in 2008?

I want two predictions from everyone: (1) who wins and by how much, and (2) which bloggers, whom Ned Lamont has never heard of before and doesn’t know anything about, will appear with him on the dais at HQ later tonight.

Karol answers the first question by proving she’s on the pipe. I call it 52-48 for the Freshmaker, with Matt Stoller and sweet Jane edging into frame as he delivers his victory speech.

Barnett’s being coy but I’ve a hunch he’s leaning my way. Just as I’ve a hunch that he, like me, thinks the Blogometer has it exactly right.

We’ll be all over it later tonight with results and video (probably) of the victory and concession speeches. Or non-concession: unless Liebs goes down hard, he’s still in the race, and if Lamont goes down, it’s just proof of a wingnut conspiracy to rig the results.

Oh, here’s that moronic Lanny Davis “whither my party?” op-ed that everyone else has been linking to. What can I say? I’m a follower, not a leader.

Update: Did some member of the fightin’ nutroots hack Joe Lieberman’s campaign site? Joe Lieberman thinks so.

Update: A possibly encouraging sign just mentioned on Fox News: 14,000 voters in Connecticut have recently registered as Democrats. Nutroots ground troops trying to push little Neddy over the top? Or is the cavalry riding to the rescue?

Update: Greg Tinti has video of Lieberman’s campaign manager on Fox News talking about the site being hacked. They’ve contacted the U.S. Attorney and the Connecticut AG. In his e-mail, Tinti referred to the hacking as an example of the tactics used against Jeff Goldstein going national.