Video: Ace of Spades talks Reutersgate on Fox News (Update: New footage added)

I bet Patterico five bucks last night that he wouldn’t have the stones to go through with it.

So there’s another guy I owe money to.

And then there were two. Just me and Treacher.

I won’t blink, Jim.

I will. not. blink.

Update: How could I forget Rusty?

He’ll cave, though. I can feel it. All in due time…

Update: Charles Johnson was also on Fox News briefly today. Kim from Musing Minds has the video.

Update: Rusty calls Ace a “George Lucas lookalike,” which isn’t the worst thing to be for an aspiring screenwriter, and says he declined an invitation to appear on the same program.

You’ll never outlast me, Russ. Never.

Update: Fox showed some new footage of Ace tonight at around 7:30 so I went ahead and spliced it into the clip. Enjoy the close-up.