Irresponsible speculation round-up

They’re “energized.” And just in time for the school year, too.

A few other people who are energized:

• Are terrorists sabotaging the Alaska pipeline?

• Has Kim Jong Il been hiding in a bunker for the past month?

• Did the Dixie Chicks really cancel 14 shows in order to “accommodate demand”?

• Is Oliver Stone planning another movie about 9/11? An Oliver-Stone-kind of movie?

• Do Americans really want to make more money for the same amount of work? Or is that just some crazy result cooked up by a pollster with an agenda?

• Finally, is it “irresponsible” speculation if Dan Riehl’s got photos, stills, and slo-mo video to back him up? RightWinged says even people in Lebanon are accusing Hezbollah of having rigged the incident — er, anti-Syrian Christians in Lebanon, to be exact.