Reuters fallout: Stuff everyone's already seen

I’ve got nothing to add. I just wanted an excuse to post this image, which, as symbols of blog triumphalism go, is so iconic that it’s practically ready for framing:


Smells like … victory.

Time for an update, no? I’m thinking six-ish with an outside shot at seven by the time it all shakes out.

I do have to eat a little bit of crap, though: I thought the rooftop from which the smoke was billowing had been ‘shopped in from another photo and JimK argues, persuasively, that it wasn’t. Same shot; they just tweaked the color a bit, it appears. My bad.

A few links to stuff you’ve already seen. Nice job by dorkafork putting the pieces together. And an equally nice catch by Rusty on another Hajj photoshop, this one slicker than the first but only because the uniformity of the background made it easier to replicate parts of the image. Dan Riehl, meanwhile, demonstrates that digital manipulation wasn’t the only variety Hajj practiced. A lot of people are going to be poring over his photos tomorrow, but I think that’s a waste of time. The real scandal lies not in showing how loose of a cannon this guy was but in showing there are shenanigans going on with other photographers sufficient to prove systemic, institutional bias.

The likelihood of which, in Reuters’s case, we can agree is probably pretty high.

More: Beth is and was all over this story, as is Ed Driscoll, who sees the forest for the trees. And for the record, here’s how you photoshop smoke. Note the shadow. I hope to be that good myself in twenty or thirty years.

Make sure you follow his link about “smoking the Kabaa.”

Update: Painfully awesome.