DU cracks the case: Adnan Hajj is an IDF (or Mossad?) plant

Reached for comment, Washington Post reporter Thomas Ricks pronounced the theory “crazy — like a fox.”

As “junkdrawer” puts it:

Same trajectory as Rathergate…

Clumsy “forgery” discovered on LGF, makes the usual RW rounds and ends up clouding the issue in the Corporate Media.

Who’d a thunk it?

Who indeed? Got anything to say for yourself, Mr. CNN?

These people are 24 hours away from winning a primary in Connecticut.

Update: Lieberman’s campaign site has been hacked for the second time this month. Hotline’s dopey theory:

One theory we’ll throw out: the site has been hacked to make it appear as if the Lieberman campaign, running against the Netroots’ candidate, forgot to pay its website bill. On the eve of the election.

Crazy — like a fox.