Breaking: IAF shoots down drone believed headed for Tel Aviv(?) (Update: Confirmed?)

Just reported on Fox News. According to Jeff Goldblatt, they shot it down somewhere near Haifa.

DefenseTech has been worried about this for months, calling terror drones “suicide bombers on steroids.”

One question, though: if they’ve finally made the decision to bring on “doomsday” by hitting Tel Aviv, why not do it in spectacular fashion, with a long-range missile?

All right, two questions. Who’d they get the drone from?

Something about this smells fishy to me. Stand by.

Update: Al-Reuters reports. The IDF believes the drone was armed.

Update: Haaretz doesn’t know if it was armed or not. Neither they nor Reuters nor the JPost mentions anything about Tel Aviv either, which is the really incendiary part of this. Fox might have flubbed one.

Update: Or maybe not. In an interview six days ago, the head of Iran’s Expediency Council promised “very difficult days in cities like Tel Aviv.”

Update: The IDF says that while the drone was headed for Israeli territory, it never actually crossed the border.

Update: Oh yes it did, says Ynet.

Update: “Packed with explosives,” says JPost, and notes that the IAF thinks there might have been another launched. Again, though, no mention of Tel Aviv.

Update: Follow the bouncing storyline: IAF official says drone contained no explosives.

Update: Fox is still reporting that the drone was headed for Tel Aviv as of 3 p.m. ET.

Update: Armed? Probably not? Iranian-made? Yep.