Lazy Sunday

I’ll be away from the computer most of the day today, which practically guarantees there’ll be big breaking news at some point. In the meantime, some tidbits to tide you over.

Patterico discovers Jack Murtha wasn’t the only one talking out of his ass about when he was first briefed by General Hagee on Haditha.

• Like John Kerry before her, Our Lady of the Perpetual Muffin Top decides she won’t let federal criminal statutes stop her from envisioning world peace. Which stands to reason, now that Code Pink represents “the majority voice in the United States.”

• There’s Internet sleuthing and there’s Internet sleuthing.

Someday, in the course of his googling, Dan Riehl’s going to find Jimmy Hoffa. And I guarantee you, he’ll figure out a way to tie it to Jerome Armstrong.

Rick Moran covers the Middle East so I don’t have to. It’s pathetic, but par for the course, that the UN would legitimize Hezbollah by making it a party to the resolution. The terms should be between nation-states: Lebanon and Israel, and no one else.

Letting Israel negotiate its own peace with its neighbors, as other nations have done for the past ten thousand years, would be better still. But these are Jews we’re talking about.

More Moran, in a similar vein: “It is getting very late in the day not to have the left on board for this fight.”

• Qana conspiracizing is still going strong at Israel Insider, EU Referendum, and the American Thinker. Each scores some points, but I’ve been off the bandwagon for days and I’m not getting back on. For one thing, the Daily Telegraph link in EUR’s own post proves that, contrary to their suggestion, there was no writing on the guy’s white t-shirt. Meanwhile, the Thinker quotes PipeLine News as saying how strange it was that there were no survivors of the attack on the building. Really? Quote:

There were a few survivors, among them Hassan Shalhoub, aged four and a half. He was judged likely to live, but the hospital was overflowing.

More on Hassan Shalhoub here. A woman named Hala Shalhoub, who might or might not be his mother, also managed to climb through the rubble to safety.

Ace jokingly wonders if I’d delete links to someone who’s still questioning Qana. No — although I might delete links to someone who really believes Clinton had the stones to deliberately target the Chinese embassy. I mean, please.

• Finally, a circle jerk to rival Yearly Kos. And like the Kossacks, they even have their own website.

You know you’re a (rapidly aging) political junkie when news like this hits the wire and your first reaction is, “I wonder what Theodore Dalrymple will have to say about this.”

Am I allowed to say “circle jerk” on HA? I don’t even know. But I’ve got a feeling I’m going to find out.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET