Ned Lamont's "video blog"

Those aren’t scare quotes. I’m not being arch or sarcastic in calling it that. It’s a direct quotation, straight from the Freshmaker’s mouth.

The same Freshmaker who doesn’t “know anything about the blogs.”

Well done, SeeDubya. I’m pretty sure there’s a blog merit badge for stuff like this; I want to be at the ceremony when you get yours.

Two things to watch for here. One: the nutroots insists their opposition to Lieberman isn’t about the war, it’s about his supposed total betrayal of the Democratic Party. Kos hits that point whenever he’s on one of the talk shows, presumably to ensure that he doesn’t burn any bridges with pro-war Democratic politicians. Hamsher herself, I believe, has said the reason she opposes Liebs is his insufficiently obstructionist position on Bush’s judicial nominees, not his position on Iraq.

So which subject did they choose for little Neddy’s first-ever vlog extravaganza? Right.

Two: who’s Lamont smiling at off-camera at the very beginning of the clip?

It could be anyone, I suppose. Anyone in the world.

I guess we’ll never know.

After you’re done with this, check out Dan Riehl fighting fire with fire. Dumb, but hilarious.

Update: Here’s something almost as mysterious as how the word “blog” found itself in Lamont’s mouth: the photo of sweet Jane directing him during the filming of a campaign spot — which, wouldn’t you know it, looks like it might be this very same “video blog” promo — has disappeared from Flickr.

Good thing the boss saved the thumbnail, huh?


Probably also a good thing that I’ve downloaded the clip, in case it mysteriously disappears from YouTube, too.

Update: And as if all that’s not enough, the WashTimes reports this morning that Neddy the Wal-Mart dragonslayer owns $31,000 of stock in the company. All of which he’ll no doubt quickly divest himself of, as quickly as he shed that membership in a racially-restricted country club when it too became “inconvenient.”

Only then. Not before.

How deep does the hypocrisy run here? Very.

Update: Who knows? Maybe there’s some sort of Chinese wall within the Lamont campaign that prevents the big cheese from knowing about the massive Internet outreach his staffers engage in.

Update: No answer yet from the Lieberman campaign about the “LieberYouth” slur, either. I’ll try to get to the bottom of that today.

Update: I’m going to give you a quote and you’re going to guess which party the speaker belongs to:

Immigration is a red meat issue. You’ve got all these crackers down in Southern Cal – ah, where is it, San Diego, taking on the governor. Even the governor was shocked.

Answer here.

Update: Tom Maguire offers a two-step plan for the Lamont team. Hint: step one involves a bus.