Israel: Qana bombing was a mistake

They had information that terrorists were hiding in the building. The information was wrong.

Ace reverses field on the Qana conspiracizing and debunks the various elements of the “conspiracy.” That would usually be enough to earn him a link, but this cinches it:

Cooler heads, like Allah, said we were getting into Truther territory on this– and he was right.

That’s how you do it, people, if you want the tasty Hot Air traffic. Three little words. “Allah was right.”

The Malkin fans flow in from and I redirect them appropriately, like a rich man tossing coins at people in the street.

It’s good to be the king. But it’s almost as good to be the queen’s fool.

Have I begun my little Mel Gibson experiment? Perhaps.

Two beers in and no anti-semitic impulses. Yet.