ABC: Bin Laden Jr. not headed to Lebanon

I figured this one might be shinola.

As usual, they bury the lede:

An estimated 12 to 15 senior-level al Qaeda operatives sought refuge in Iran after the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan in 2001 eliminated al Qaeda’s camps and sanctuaries. Iranian officials have, at various times, said the al Qaeda operatives were under house arrest or in jail awaiting trial.

Presumably, by Sid Blumenthal’s logic, the mere disclosure of this fact is proof of a neocon conspiracy bent on initiating war with Iran.

Which reminds me: Blumenthal claims to have a scoop about Israeli intel-sharing, a disclosure which has righty bloggers up in arms over classified leakage. But what if he’s lying? What if he just made up the fact that it came from a source in NSA and tossed the allegation out there to cast aspersions on the administration?

I don’t believe that for a second, mind you. I have zero evidence to suggest it’s true. But neither does Sid’s favorite blogger have any evidence for the outlandish claims he makes, and that doesn’t prevent him from being published in America’s most respected newsweekly.


Jeffrey Cozzens at the Counterterrorism Blog thinks a Sunni-Shiite strategic partnership is pure fantasy. Meanwhile, the French are backing off their fawning statements about Iran from earlier in the week in light of Ahmadinejad’s latest descent into Judenrein.

Me, I’m just trying to get that Mary Katherine Ham “Day by Day” cartoon out of my head.