Yawn: More left-wing blackface "humor" (Update: Image removed)

From the genius who brought you the term “Rape Gurney Joe.”

The boss is exercised about it.

Ace dutifully notes the hypocrisy, as we should and must, but it’s strictly for the record. No one’s surprised anymore that this crap goes on within the halls of Tolerance, least of all from Hamsher, who’s not only the first to demagogue race when it helps her side but who’s become famous precisely because she’s so vicious. She’s the left’s answer to Coulter, minus the ambiguity about whether she means what she says. And about ten million fans.

Here you’ll find her giggling adoringly as the Freshmaker holds forth on his opposition to rape gurneys or something. Tee hee!

Incidentally, what message, do you suppose, was she trying to convey with this bit of ‘shoppery? Gilliard’s photoshop of Michael Steele was a comment on how conservatives supposedly see blacks, with the blackface a grotesque symbol of Steele’s perceived willingness to play to racial stereotypes. Hamsher’s image presumably is a comment on Lieberman being a closet Republican who’s posing as a Democrat, her symbol for which is … minstrel make-up?

If you think it’s bad now, imagine how it’ll be if Condi changes her mind and runs for president. They’ll be running cartoons of her with a bone in her nose in the New York Times.

Update: Down the memory hole. Dollars to donuts says it was Arianna who had it removed, not Hamsher.

SFPH says they’re deleting comments, too.