Video: "Loose Change" director chuckles over Flight 93

Boxcutters? Dude, have you seen how small those things are?

Watch all of this one, seriously. At least to the part where he accuses a father whose 11-year-old son died on Flight 77 of having had advance knowledge of the plot.


Even better: the part near the end where the retired cop springs a little truth of his own on evil moron Korey Rowe.

Thanks to the boys at Screw Loose Change, who have their hands full this afternoon with inexcusable Pentagon stupidity.

Update: You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

Update: SeeDubya engages in what’s gradually becoming a national pastime: correcting Dylan Avery on his facts.

I’m looking at the 9-11 Commission Report now. There was only one flight on which eyewitnesses reported that the terrorists were using boxcutters-flight 77. It’s on page 9 of the 9-11 Commission Report, if you’re interested—Barbara Olson says they are using both knives and boxcutters. All the rest had knives of some description.

Fourteen knives were recovered at the Shanksville crash site alone.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on December 02, 2023