Mel Gibson plays the Holocaust "numbers game"

Twelve million, six, four — who can keep track?

He’s pretty sure it happened, though.

On the Mel booze-to-Jew-hate conversion chart, I’d say this one rates a couple of Zimas.

ABC has an interesting tie-in to the controversy. Behold the roiling tide of Christianism:


What else can I throw at you guys here, hm? How about a nice photo of Hugo Chavez making kissyface with General Giap? Sound good?


This guy has no foreign policy whatsoever beyond antagonizing America. None.

He’s the natural choice for Democratic nominee in ’08.

I owe Michelle a post about Israel but it’s 102 degrees and I have nothing to say. There are either a thousand jihadis left to kill, or 3,000, or possibly 15,000. Morale’s sky high, though, and the IDF’s threatening to occupy southern Lebanon for months if need be. Iran’s getting nervous and sounding increasingly desperate. And Hezbollah’s turning into Baghdad Bob.

The time’s never been better for an officially sanctioned John Murtha cut-and-run ceasefire.

Upon careful analysis, though, this much is certain:

If Mary Katherine Ham looks anything like this, I really need to meet her.

Update: I assume most everyone here reads Day By Day, but if you’re new to it, click through a few strips. Every female in it has the body of Christina Applegate circa 1989.

Long may you run, Chris Muir.

We went from the Holocaust to the Viet Cong to me ogling cartoon characters in the span of about 500 words. You don’t get that from your run of the mill able-to-hold-a-train-of-thought bloggers.

That’s why I get paid the big bucks.