IDF: Video proves Baalbek "hospital" was actually Hezbollah HQ

Israeli commandos were airdropped in last night in hopes of snatching Nasrallah or his capos. They killed at least 10 and brought five “tasty fishes” back with them, but no bigwigs.

They shot some video, too, which they claim proves the building was a Hezbollah base. Judge for yourself:


The only hard evidence I see is the machine gun. A strange item to find on the premises of a hospital, admittedly, but maybe not in the Bekaa Valley. Given their backtrack on Qana, I’d urge caution.

Elsewhere, the LA Times says convicted child killer/cause celebre Samir Kuntar is at the top of Hezbollah’s wishlist for a prisoner swap. They fired 230 rockets into Israel today, almost 100 more than they’ve ever done before. And Iran’s reportedly sending Osama’s pig son, who’s a Sunni, to help recruit for Hezbollah’s Shiite jihad.

But the EU’s not ready to call them a terrorist group yet. In fact, France has twice now refused to participate in UN meetings about a peacekeeping force because Israel won’t heed its demand for an immediate ceasefire.

Will baby get its bottle? Looks like it.

Update: Almost forgot. Richard Cohen is trying to atone.