Haditha: Time says NCIS hasn't concluded that the killings were deliberate

Someone in the Pentagon told the AP this morning that the shinolastorm’s about to break.

Now someone else in the Pentagon is telling Time that that, itself, is shinola.

The joys of leaks:

DOD officials tell TIME that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently set up a Pentagon task force, which meets once a week, to track Haditha and prepare for the eventual release of the investigations’ results. But a Pentagon source familiar with the criminal investigation says that contrary to the suggestions of some media reports Wednesday, there have been no conclusions that the Marines deliberately killed unarmed civilians. This source also says that the bodies of those killed at Haditha have not been exhumed, which makes proving murder ‘very challenging.’

Like Murtha, Olbermann doesn’t need a report to tell him that they did it. The war’s bad, a My Lai would help undermine it, ergo it happened.

Even a two-year-old can understand that.