IAF: No rockets or Hezbollah men near Qana building before airstrike (Update: New Qana hoax?)

I’ve been having modem problems all day or else I would have linked this earlier. As it is, I’d be remiss if I didn’t link it now.

Mind you, there were rockets fired near the building in the past, just not on the same day as the airstrike. Not good enough, says one leftist, who essentially accuses the IAF of letting the shot clock expire.

Meanwhile, here’s your distasteful video of the night. They’re not goofing on the victims so much as on that sub-retarded DU “simulation” of 9/11 with the rabbit cage, but it’s dicey enough that I wasn’t going to mention it here at all. Then I read this and had my outrage meter recalibrated, and suddenly it didn’t seem like quite as much of a big deal.

Update: Dan Riehl does what he does best: catching liars red-handed. No Greenwald or Armstrong blog shenanigans this time, though. This one involves ambulances, explosions, and — surprise — our friends in Qana.

Update: As noted earlier on Media Blog, the fact that there were no Hezbollah men near the building doesn’t mean there were no Hezbollah men in Qana. Quite the contrary.

In fact, it pretty much depends on how you define “near.” From Engel’s report:

Others [Hezbollah] were in another house that was nearby. I’m not sure if that was the initial target, but there was a separate apartment where young men were living that was not hit yesterday.