British theme park cancels "Muslim Fun Day"

Due to lack of interest. 28,000 tickets allotted, not even 1,000 sold. About on par with the monthly CAIR fundraising target vis-a-vis donations received.

It sure did sound like fun, though:

We have arranged with Alton towers to ensure no music, gambling or alcohol is allowed on the day as well as segregated adult ride areas, halal food stalls & prayer areas. We hope this day will live up to all your expectations and be a part of your happy memories for years to come.

Islamic Leisure – Bringing Islam & Leisure together.

Alton Towers: where “fun” is defined by the things you’re not allowed to do.

There’s a whole stupid backstory here involving the “controversial” Muslim-only nature of the event, which isn’t controversial at all: Islamic Leisure booked the park for the day and then sold tickets. Although it was pretty funny when a couple that wanted to get married at the park somehow ended up being double-booked with the Muslims and were told the female guests would have to wear hijabs if they wanted to ride Splash Mountain.

Thanks to the cancellation, the crisis has been averted.

Who the hell gets married at a theme park, anyway? They should have to wear hijabs, just to punish them for their tackiness.

Jazz Shaw Dec 01, 2021 11:01 AM ET