Video: Chavez, Ahmadinejad phone it in in Tehran

The banality of evil indeed.

Skip the first 16 minutes. There’s some cute stuff where Chavez says “insh’allah” and Ahmadinejad commends him for his “revolutionary position and spirits,” but the love doesn’t really start to flow until the end. The hand-holding and cheek kisses aren’t that gay, but pay attention to the big poster behind them during the ceremony. You can see part of it here, but not enough to realize that they’re standing on what looks like a, er, yellow-brick road.

One other thing to look out for if you watch the whole clip: Chavez justifying Iran’s nuclear program in terms of the amount of electricity consumed by large structures … like the World Trade Center.

Update: I saw this linked on a bunch of other blogs yesterday but in case you missed it, have a look. Can’t imagine why I would have thought of it in the course of writing a post like this.