Qana: The photographic evidence (Update: Bodies from Tyre?)

Bob Owens sifts.

I worry about letting my bias blind me to the facts here. As with Haditha, no one on the right wants to believe what happened at Qana happened the way the media says it did. But … it might have. People who can’t face uncomfortable truths tend to end up in dark places.

Bob does make some verrry interesting points, though. I think there might be an innocent explanation: according to the IAF, the airstrike came at 1 a.m. and the structure fell eight hours later. Assuming the kids were killed in the attack and their bodies were removed before the building collapsed, that would account for why they weren’t crushed or covered with dust and why rigor mortis had set in by the time the media got there.

But in that case, why didn’t the airstrike do any damage to the bodies? Would the shockwave generated by the impact have caused fatal internal injuries? Any military people out there willing and able to shed light on this?

Speaking of photographic evidence, posters — posters — of the victims’ corpses are popping up across the border in Jordan. Here’s how you run a propaganda operation:


Meanwhile, it sounds like Olmert’s finally had it with the crocodile tears. Even Israelis must have a breaking point when it comes to this horrifically cynical, pretextual faux-outrage, especially when it’s as often based on lies as not. Besides, like the boss says, “There’s always something burning with the jihadi members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage.” They’re going to riot and torch embassies whether it’s Qana or cartoons, and Israel’s going to be blamed no matter what, so why not ignore them and keep the heat on Hezbollah?

And that’s just what they’re going to do.

As for those “dark places” I mentioned earlier: they’re not quite as dark as they used to be thanks to C-SPAN, which is airing a lecture on 9/11 “Truth” tomorrow night. When does the panel on Holocaust revisionism air?

Update: Self-parody, straight no chaser.


Update: Amazing death porn from CNN. Indistinguishable from a Robert Fisk column, particularly in its assessment of culpability:

Coffin No. 104 has three names on it – Ali, Mohammed and Talib – all children. Nearby, Fatawi Horani is screaming and crying. Her granddaughter Marim, 15, was killed, she says, while trying to flee the fighting.

Three soldiers begin to struggle with a large body bag. Maggots are pouring from the bag – blood is seeping onto the ground. When they get the body into the coffin, the lid arches as doctors hammer nails into it.

Children are beginning to gather. It is images such as these that pass down a hatred of Israel to another generation.

Sit there and take it, Jew. Fighting back only makes it worse.

Update: Bob said he thought some of the bodies might have come from Tyre. Dan Riehl notes a discrepancy in the count and thinks he might be onto something.