ADL: Gibson's outburst reveals "his true self"

We’ve all been there. A few beers, a shot or two of Jack, and before you know it you’re rambling about “moneylenders” and the secret ingredients in matzah.

Abe Foxman isn’t buying it.

The AP says Gibby’s BAL was .12, which isn’t that much, really. The rule of thumb for an adult male of average size is .02 for each drink, so if you’ve ever downed a sixer in an hour or so, that’s about how drunk Mel was.

I had 13 beers over the course of several hours when I met Ace and Karol in December, and the most anti-semitic thing I remember saying was how much I liked “Braveheart.”

Who knows? Maybe the Arab world’s just been drunk for the past thousand years.

I’ll leave you with this. Behind every reactionary moron, there’s a bigger, even more reactionary moron willing to apologize for him.

Update: Classic.