St. Cindy uses Casey's insurance money to buy land in Crawford

She’s going to use it to house the world’s largest banana split, which she’ll “pick at” whenever she’s overcome by one of those Jew-induced “blue funks” she tends to fall into.

The guy whose land they’ve been using is kicking them out because they won’t agree to indemnify him for any damage they might cause, a demand which Cindy darlingly compares to being “held hostage.”

Lots of good stuff here. And by “good” I mean “sick-making”:

In an e-mail to the Star-Telegram, Sheehan called Mattlage’s family “heroic” for “their contribution to the peace movement.” Referring to the property used last year, she added: “We left them with a better property and one with amazing positive and peaceful energy.”…

Despite some misgivings, the business relationship between Sheehan and Mattlage was friendly and, at times, jokingly flirtatious, according to an exchange of e-mails between the two, provided to the Star-Telegram by Mattlage.

Yeah, I know. But don’t jump to conclusions:

The relationship began to sour somewhat, he said, when he recently learned on the group’s Web site that protesters planned to return to Crawford in August. He said he did not agree to let them use the land at that time because it coincided with his family’s plans to hunt doves. He said he also did not want Sheehan to use his property when Bush was at his ranch. “I just didn’t want his vacation to be interrupted. It was out of respect for the president,” Mattlage said.

Texas Democrats, man. A breed apart.

Apparently, his last e-mail to Cindy after their falling out was, in toto, “You can go away now.”

As the man says: Heh. Indeed.