Patterico demolishes Greenwald

He’s been hyping it for days, but as Dizzy Dean once said, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

Well, he did it. And not just by a preponderance of the evidence, either.

I think this baby’s BRD.

Patterico accused me of underweighting the dick factor for this one in my blog scandal round-up, and he’s got a point. Deceit and pettiness are common to all cases of sock puppetry, but what gives Greenwald’s that extra pathetic oomph is his comic egomania. Most puppeteers do what they do to bolster particular arguments; it’s the rare douche who’ll conjure up fake personas to recite highlights from his CV, particularly while holding himself out as above the fray of flame-war juvenilia.

Men of Big Ideas who help shape the national debate have no time for such things, you see.

The good news for Greenwald is that he’s now qualified to write sports for the L.A. Times, assuming he’s willing to hack into an e-mail account or two.

On that note, I do hereby dub the Greenwald sock-puppet saga the second-most entertaining scandal of the week.

Update: I’m also prepared to pledge Hot Air’s full support, including free ad space and video endorsements, to any Senator, left or right, who’s willing to quote Patterico’s post on the Senate floor.

Actually, I’m not authorized to pledge any of that stuff, but I’m pretty sure I could persuade Michelle.