Good news: 9/11-linked pilot goes missing

Remember him? The FBI is convinced he’s a potential terrorist hijacker, simply because he’s a young Muslim male. From Saudi Arabia. Who was known to get a little excitable during Friday prayers. And took flying lessons in the summer of 2001.

And roomed with the guy who crashed Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

He skipped town in 2002 for the sunny pastures of the Kingdom, but turned up in New Zealand in February of this year. Under an assumed name. To study English, which he already spoke fluently.

And immediately began applying to flight schools.

New Zealand deported him back to the Kingdom last month, where he was detained by authorities. And then released a few weeks later.

And now, wouldn’t you know it, they’ve lost track of him.

Well. I’m sure he’ll turn up.

Like the old saying goes: fish gotta swim, dogs gotta hunt.

Saudis gotta fly.