Clinton's fondness for Barbra Streisand finally explained

Call it sock-puppet sexuality. And yet another mark in the liability column of AC’s page in the conservative ledger.

The really embarrassing thing? It sounds from the transcript like she mentioned this to Deutsch in the course of private conversation during the commercial break, not thinking he’d broach the subject on-air.

Which I guess answers the eternal question of whether she really believes her own crap. Kaus has always insisted that she does. Well, there you go.

Not a total loss, though. Sullivan will probably have to come down off the cross for a little while to post about it. And it’ll be fun watching the left feign outrage at the thought of smearing political opponents with gay innuendo, even as they whisper about the significance of the size of Coulter’s adam’s apple.

Another week or two of stumping for Lieberman and I figure we’ll be seeing “Is Clinton queer?” posts at dKos.