When good news is bad news: IDF captures Hezbollah's "capital"

And bagged 40 or 100-120 Hezbollah jihadis in the process, depending upon whether you believe the JPost or Debka.

As always with Debka, there’s no such thing as “good news”:

The Bint Jubeil operation taught Israeli war planners three lessons:

1. It did not help reduce the rocket fire against Israel. The number of launchers and rockets found in the small town was minimal. Any missile crewmen who may have been deployed there had moved to other locations ahead of the Israeli assault.

2. Bin Jubeil and its satellite villages are only one small center at the southern end of the central sector of the south. There are dozens such clusters across the region. they will have to be flushed out one by one, entailing prolonged military action and exposing the troops to more casualties.

The key word being “prolonged.” Olmert is already hinting that the 10-day window of opportunity might need to be extended a bit. The IDF is bombing Beirut as I write this, in what the AP says is an attempt to seal off the southern part of the country for the coming fighting — and what Fox, citing Al Jazeera, says is an attempted hit on Hezbollah’s leadership, including/especially Nasrallah.

IDF military intelligence says the Syrian army is at its highest state of alert, albeit still in a defensive posture. Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon told Iranian media outlets yesterday that if Syria is “harmed in any way,” Iran will respond with force — a step up from their promise last week merely to “support” Syria in the event of war with Israel. MEMRI TV has new video of Ahmadinejad’s latest vision quest too, speaking in public the way leftards think Bush speaks in private:

You will see. This is a mirror that will reveal everyone’s true essence. This is not one of those ordinary tests. Not at all. It will expose everything…

In this case, they must make their position clear. Of course, some of them have taken positive positions, but others have buried their heads in the sand. Their true character will be exposed in this scene. For them, this is “the Day that all things secret will be tested.” They will reach this day. The hypocrisy must be exposed.

Iranian youth roll their eyes.

I completely missed this, but did you know that Ahmadinejad sent yet another letter on Saturday — this time to Jacques Chirac? The details haven’t been published yet, but I like to think he thanked him for being a fan.

Update: A U.S. official tells Reuters that Hezbollah is essentially Frankenstein, a monster created by mad scientists which, once born, can no longer be controlled by its creators. Mahmoud Abbas knows something about that too, I reckon. The only question I have is whether that’s a bug or a feature, since it lets Syria and Iran sit back and plead impotence when their proxy pops off.

Meanwhile, Israelis are busy trying to cure cancer.