Blog scandal erupts over scandalous omissions from my blog-scandal post

People are e-mailing or, in some cases, posting to remind me of ones I forgot. Let me make amends.

1. Jason Leopold. Admittedly, an egregious oversight. Not even an oversight, really: I did remember this one late last night but gave up when I realized how hard I’ve have to concentrate to compress the mountains of alleged Leopold malfeasance into a tiny diamond summary. Rove, sock puppets, allegedly forged e-mails — he’s so covered in grime that none of it really qualifies as “scandal” anymore, you know? It’s the difference between a man in a business suit wetting his pants and a homeless man wetting his pants. The former is scandal, the latter is just … unfortunate.

2. Micah Wright. Another inexcusable omission, this one brought to my attention (appropriately) by Jim Treacher. Wright posed as a former Army Ranger with combat experience as a publicity hook for his stupid book of anti-war propaganda, thus making the dick factor in this case enormous. No body count, though, and I seem to recall that it was the Washington Post, not bloggers, who actually broke the story. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure Jim will correct me.

3. Dr. Debbie Demento Frisch. The dick factor was there in spades. There was even a body count. But most of the action took place in a single blog’s comment section. It was really just a flame war that ended up setting the neighborhood on fire because Dr. Deb couldn’t control her torch. Still, telling your adversary that you hope his two-year-old gets “JonBenet’d” has to count for something. I should have included it. My bad.

4. Ko$ola. Dan Riehl slapped me for missing this. The thing is, we need to distinguish between the Kos side and the Armstrong side. Without evidence of fat envelopes being slipped into Kos’s pocket, there’s simply no there there. I can’t get real exercised about him letting Warner off the hook for supporting Lieberman, either. Is it really a “scandal” that Kos would go easy on politicians who pander to him? Doesn’t that make him just like any other chieftain of a special-interest tribe? Armstrong, however, is a different story. The stock shenanigans on top of the possible influence peddling on top of the Vis Numar, Officially Licensed Progressive Astrologist shtick puts him damn near Leopold country. Big oversight on my part.

There are probably more. If I’ve forgotten anything else, let me know in the comments or blog ’em yourself and I’ll be happy to link.

Update: In fact, the biggest blog scandal ever is my failure to include Captain Ed’s Canadian Adscam series, which actually helped topple a government. The shame of it all.