Kos: I was making chickenhawk slurs before making chickenhawk slurs was cool

The boss has a link to the Jeff Jacoby piece that’s making the rounds. Read it, then chew on this bit from Nightline’s interview with The One True Democrat:

TAPPER: Why did you enlist? Were you in the Army?

MOULITSAS: I was in the Army for three years, between 1989 and 1992. And I enlisted because I was actually — at the time I was actually a Republican, and I believed I was very much a military hawk at the time, and I thought, ‘This is very quaint in today’s world, in today’s political environment.’ But at the time, I thought that if was going to advocate for military involvement in various places, that I really needed to have served, that I’d be a hypocrite if I was not a veteran and I’d be talking about military action. Not thinking that I was going to be in politics or anything like that. You know, this was my personal life.

TAPPER: Just talking about your day-to-day life?

MOULITSAS: Exactly. I mean, to me it would be hypocrit[ical] to say we should bomb Grenada or invade Grenada, we should bomb Libya, if I had not been a vet.

He was 17 years old, there were no major conflicts in which the U.S. was involved — and what was weighing on his mind was the ethical implications of supporting hypothetical military action at some unknown future date? How remarkably conscientious and farsighted to anticipate so precisely the illogic that his nutroots cohorts would embarrass themselves with 15 years later.

It’s like the chickenhawk Creation Myth.

Do even the Kossacks buy this bit of ex post justificatory nonsense? And do they realize that by his reasoning, most of them could never rightly support military intervention under any circumstances? Kos likes to make a big show of how big his tent is, so presumably they’re not all peaceniks root and branch. What do they do if President Rodham-Clinton wants to send troops into Somalia into 2010 — a scenario that’s looking increasingly plausible?

Geraghty mines another nugget from the Nightline interview. I gave up on it on the second page, but heaven only knows how much ore’s in them hills.

Update: JG explains the Nighline segment: “maybe Tapper got himself a free palm reading out of the deal.”

Update: Does it matter to the chickenhawk calculus whether the military intervention one supports is American or not? Presumably not — and yet.