The Richard Cohen "Israel is a mistake" quote of the day

Bryan’s already commented on RC, who stands a chance of surpassing his own record for hate mail with this latest column.

In Cohen’s honor, I offer you the quote of the day. Who (allegedly) said the following?

We should expose this cancer Israel for being a thorn in the side of Muslims for 80 years or more. We can’t just sit back saying nothing (or) doing nothing … Israel should not be there. No one should except … the Muslims … The Israelis should not have any space at all to live in Palestine because that’s why it’s called Palestine. The Israelis are sitting in Muslim lands in Palestine. Israel is not a government. It’s not a nation. It’s an occupying army occupying Muslim lands. It should be thrown out.

Answer here. And here.

More rough justice from Judith Weiss and Meryl Yourish.

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