Zionist lies! Israel says Nasrallah's hair is turning white

So to speak:

Israel has information about places where the rockets are being hidden, and the Air Force is engaged in intercepting them. An officer from the intelligence department said that it appears Nasrallah has not dyed his beard for days, and the reason is simple – “he has not left the pit where he is hiding.”

Fun, but untrue. Here he is on Hezbollah TV yesterday:


Here he is, all smiles, on June 29th with members of the government Israel’s counting on to take him out:


And here he is in November:


I don’t see a huge difference.

Let’s see if I can redeem this stupid post with a link to Debka’s latest, which dovetails nicely with what I wrote this morning. God help me.

Update: Ditto from Andy McCarthy.

Bonus Nasrallah flashback! From 2002. Just because I’m in that kind of mood.

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