Video: Gillermania II -- A Man Called Gillerman

What about the civilians and isn’t it disproportionate and why go to such lengths for a couple of soldiers etc etc?

Answer: “The two soldiers are the heart of the issue but they’re not the only issue. When you look at the capability of the Hezbollah, when you look at these deadly weapons, when you look at missiles that have hit our third-largest city and can reach Tel Aviv, you realize the potential for danger which exists there. And that danger has to be eliminated.”


Update: Tony Karon is dead-on in Time:

Henry Kissinger famously observed, at the height of the Vietnam era, that “the guerrilla wins if he does not lose. The conventional army loses if it does not win.” The same applies to Israel and Hizballah. If Hizballah lives to fight another day, it will have won the day, not only in the eyes of its own supporters, who will cheer its prowess in withstanding the Israeli onslaught, but also in the eyes of the Israeli military command.

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