Friendly skies: Canada greenlights terrorists for air travel

Not an exaggeration. I understand that racial profiling can be abused, I understand that the U.S. watch list is a bit, shall we say, overinclusive. But, um…


It’s every joke you’ve ever heard about Canadian politeness, times a million:

Being a member of a terrorist organization won’t necessarily land someone on Canada’s no-fly list, The Canadian Press has learned…

“You cannot be put on the list on the sole basis that you’re a member of a ‘terrorist group,'” the source said. “In addition, you have to be a demonstrable threat to aviation safety.”

The source said that under the proposed regulations, people involved in a terrorist group — either now or in the past — could be added to the list only if there were reason to suspect they may “compromise civil aviation, the security of any aircraft or aerodrome, or the safety of the public, passengers or crew.”

Which I guess means Mohammed Atta is okay to fly Air Canada so long as they don’t find out about the pilot lessons.

Actually, what I think it means is that members of “legitimate” terrorist organizations, like Hamas, that make a pretense of political dialogue in between bus bombings are good to go. Not even Canada, I hope, would let a known AQ operative hop onboard a 747.


I don’t mind telling you, I’m actually afraid to find out what official DHS policy is on this subject.

Across the pond, not only won’t the Brits let terrorists fly, they’ll lock you up now for “glorifying” terrorism. The very first group to be banned under the new legislation: al-Ghurabaa, successor to al-Muhajiroun, sponsor of this golden moment in the annals of free speech, and bequeather of the wit and wisdom of a certain degenerate well known by now to all of you:

More groups will be added to the list shortly, says the Guardian, including the peaceful, non-violent supremacist cult of Hizb ut-Tahrir — a name that might ring a bell with longtime Hot Air readers.

Anyway. None of this will do much to reduce jihad fever in Londonistan, but it does show you how seriously they regard the threat. If they’re willing to criminalize terrorist speech after one bombing, imagine what Europe will be like ten years from now.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on December 02, 2023