Extremely important e-mail

This is what I get for posting the Bruce Willis/Truther thing the other night. A steady stream of this crap for nigh on two days:

The timing of the Malvo shootings is the single most critical feature to understand in the debate about September 11th and the Iraq War. It is the perfect perfecta night for the track managers wife, …all composed of long shots, …one in every race. The Malvo shootings blew the Iraq war debate right off the front page. They started blowing peoples heads off in the press the day the Iraq war debate started, they continued blowing peoples heads off in the press with a frenzy and a total media madness so intense that it the blocked out the rays of the sun itself,… until shortly after the Declaration of War.

[blah blah snip]

A fat lady in the stands collapsed after the seventh, in disbelief, when the WTC tower seven holding the CIA records gave a precision collapse of absolute perfection and it wasn’t even hit by a plane in the race… it went straight down in perfect lines that would have had demo experts clapping backs and all by happenstance.”

He concludes, chillingly:

I don’t want to draw rolled eyes. But think about it.

No, here’s the real conclusion:

Evil is in our midst and we had better beware.

Lieberman voter, do you think? Or Lamont?

Random ad hominem bonus link: We’ve all wondered if it’s true. Now, thanks to Japanese genius, and with a little help from a well-positioned Iranian aide, we might finally find out. Introducing … the smellPod.

Even more random bonus link: Who’s the butchiest butch on the field-hockey field?



No wonder Zidane laid him out.

Linkless moment of candor: Did I post the Ahmadinejad thing just because I wanted to use the word “smellPod”?

I don’t want to draw rolled eyes. But think about it.

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